Products and Software

The SED offers various data products and services to access seismological and earthquake related information. Many of these services are mainly of scientific interest, but access is open to everybody.

In the Earthquake Catalogues section you find services that provide access to parametric earthquake information (date / time / place / magnitude of seismic activity etc.), while in the Waveform Data section we describe various services to view and access the data collected at our monitoring stations. In the Station Information section we assemble tools to retrieve more information about the SED monitoring network and specific station characteristics. Explore these and the other sections to find out more about earthquake data products.

In addition to products, the SED also provides access to various software that we developed and maintain in-house or as part of research collaborations, addressing a wide range of scientific topics . Software that is still actively maintained is ordered by general topic, and in the Legacy SED Software section we archive those codes that may still be in use or useful, but which we no longer actively support. Please respect the particular licenses that are provided with each code.


Disclaimer: While the SED takes all possible care that information and resources provided in these pages are correct and accurate, we cannot guarantee nor accept any warranty regarding the correctness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, reliability or completeness of the content. Read the full disclaimer.

Products & Software

Products & Software