Did You Feel an Earthquake? Report an Earthquake

By completing this questionnaire, you help the Swiss Seismological Service at ETH Zurich to collect critical information regarding the felt extent of an earthquake and its effects on the built environment.

We request that you complete the questionnaire even if you did not feel the earthquake - this information is also important. Thank you very much for you cooperation.

Your information will be treated confidentially and only be used for scientific purposes.


* mandatory to complete

Location and time of the observation

Date of the earthquake *
Local Swiss Time *

Location during the earthquake
Postal code *
Town *

Effects on persons

Your position during the earthquake
If inside a building, which floor were you on?
What were you doing as the earthquake began?
How strongly did you feel the earthquake?
What type of motion did you feel?
Did other people in your immediate environment feel the earthquake?
How did you react to the earthquake?
I did not react
I was surprised
I was woken up
I was frightened
I had problems keeping the balance
I ran outside
I panicked

Effect of the earthquake on objects and surroundings

Hanging objects (Lamps, pictures, etc.)
China, glass
Windows, doors
creaking, cracking
Small, easily movable objects (single books, vases, etc.)
Small, stable objects (e.g. books in shelfs)
Light furniture
Heavy Furniture
Large objects (TV, computer, etc.)
Liquids in full / nearly full containers
Liquids in large containers, tanks, pools
shifted, rotated, overturned
waves in the ground (if outside)
Monuments, columns

Effects of the earthquake on animals

Animals indoors
Animals outdoors

Effects of the earthquake on buildings

Type of building
Use of building
Degree of damage (please select highest level of damage)


Please add any additional information you feel is relevant, including other observations such as changes in the level of water wells, cracks in the ground, soil liquefaction / sand boils, landslides, noises and other phenonenom associated with the earthquake (including electromagnetic or light effects).

Do you have any questions about this earthquake in particular, or earthquakes in general?
After you submit this form, you will be forwarded to a page with additional information.