Earthquake Monitoring

The seismic network to monitor the geothermal project in St. Gallen was installed in February 2012, one year before the drilling started. It incorporated five stations: SGT00 – SGT05. One month before the hydraulic testing, in June 2013, the network was densified by four temporal, solar-powered stations: SGT06 - SGT09. Additional three stations (SGT10-SGT12) were installed for a two months period one day after the ML3.5 earthquake of 22.July.2013. The station SGT18 was installed 2018 in the framework of an EU research project. Most of the stations were dismantled by 2015. As depicted in the following map, currently, a network of four stations is still in operation.

As well as running these stations, the SED operates two acceleration transducers (accelerometers) close to the city of St. Gallen. This measuring equipment is part of the Swiss National Strong Motion Network (SSMNet), but it can also play a part in monitoring microseismicity.

New Monitoring Stations