Earthquake Monitoring

The baseline monitoring network that the SED operates for the Canton of Geneva consists of seven measuring stations. Five surface stations (COLLE, PERON, SAVIG, SALEV, CERNS) and two borehole stations (CHALL and FORET) have been set up in the Geneva Basin area (in both Switzerland and France), adding to the Swiss National Seismic Network's SGEV station and the French National Seismic Network's OGS2 station in the area being monitored. Most of the surface stations listed are equipped with broadband seismometers, but SGEV and CERNS are strong motion measuring stations fitted with accelerometers. Another accelerometer has been installed at the CHALL well site.

As part of the GEOBEST2020+ project, the SED will install additional mobile seismic stations close to active exploration drillings and future geothermal projects as needed. Currently the exploration drilling Geo-02 near Lully is monitored by three solar-powered mobile broad-band stations (LULY1, LULY2, and LULY3).

Seismometers of the Geneva Basin