Geothermal Energy in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there have been two pilot geothermal energy projects in Basel and St. Gallen with the aim of producing electricity using geothermal energy. Both projects were terminated, which is why there is currently no electricity being produced in Switzerland from geothermal sources (as at December 2015). There are however several deep geothermal systems in operation, which are used to supply heat, for example for district heating grids.

Planned Projects

Numerous deep geothermal energy projects are currently being planned in Switzerland, and are at various stages of progression. The following map of provides an overview (status 03.2019):

Within the framework of the GEOBEST2020+ project supported by SwissEnergy, the SED therefore offers competent and project-based seismological consulting and monitoring services for national, cantonal, and local supervisory authorities. Services are only provided to the industrial sector if these do not impact the independence of the SED in any way. The SED also informs the media and the public of any associated potential induced seismicity.