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Prof. Dr. Stefan Wiemer

Head Swiss Seismological Service

Prof. Dr.  Stefan Wiemer
Swiss Seismological Service (SED)
ETH Zürich
Prof. Dr. Stefan Wiemer
NO H 61
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich

  +41 44 633 38 57

Stefan Wiemer attained a diploma in geophysics from the Ruhr University Bochum (D) in 1992. In 1999, after his PhD at the Fairbanks University in Alaska (US) and his postdoc studies in Tsukuba (Japan) he moved to the SED as a research associate, where he set up and led two research groups. In May 2014 the Executive Board of ETH Zurich has appointed Stefan Wiemer as Full Professor of Seismology and Director of the Swiss Seismologcial Service. He has been interim Director since January 2012 and succeeded Professor Domenico Giardini.

Stefan Wiemer researches the effects of earthquakes and investigates which processes in the earth’s crust trigger earthquakes. His research interest also include time dependent hazard assessment, which analyses whether it is possible to make more precise forecasts based on micro-seismic data. In the last ten years, he and his team have developed new methods and software solutions for analysing the quality of data catalogues that collate all the earthquakes recorded in a country. Since the 2006 geothermal project triggered earthquakes in Basel that were distinctly felt, Stefan Wiemer has also been working on tremors caused by human activity.

As an expert on seismic hazard, Stefan Wiemer is a member of numerous committees and provides professional reports, for example, as part of the “PEGASOS” studies on earthquake hazard analysis for Swiss nuclear power plants. He was also responsible for the calculation of the Swiss earthquake hazard map in 2004. At the ETH Zurich he supervises numerous master and doctoral theses and gives lectures in Seismology and Earth Sciences.